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The main loophole in the idea of “White Supremacy” is, of course, the fact that it’s a racist ideology. One would expect that with Blacks not being “supreme” and all, we’d be subject to every sort of mental infirmity and that racism would be all ours.

But no, White Supremacists themselves are always racist, throwing a monkey wrench into their own argument, befuddling logic and making everything all goofy and stupid.

If you were really supreme, wouldn’t you feel sorry for anybody not lucky enough to have been born you? If you were really supreme, wouldn’t you have pity for those of “less fortunate” races? You certainly wouldn’t hate anybody.

A superior man absolutely cannot hate.

Still when Blacks speak of hating, even of having formerly hated as in the case of Shirley Sherrod, the perspective is greeted with such shock and revulsion that you would think the offending Black had been an active member of a lynching party.

Now, I’ve always thought (call me crazy) that the reason that the white people in this country that hate Black people do so is because they have no respect for us.

From their standpoint, we’ve been kidnapped, enslaved, hung from trees, raped, beaten and abused and what’s our goal? Not revenge, but integration!

Again, I could be totally wrong, but I can’t help feeling that almost every racist white man worth his salt imagines that if he found himself in our shoes, he’d have burned the whole country down by now.

But back to Shirley Sherrod.

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The now former USDA employee makes it clear in an taped version of an appearance at a NCAAP meeting that God had led her away from her former racism.

The tape was manipulated as if to suggest that Ms. Sherrod was still a racist.

That’s all too bad.

Black people aren’t ever allowed to have had lapses in character or judgment.

Making huge, preposterous, ridiculous mistakes and recovering from racism are only allowable for great men. Men like Robert Byrd, Strom Thurmond, George Wallace and Jesse Helms.

You know, superior men.

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