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*After the tragic death of singing diva, Donna Summer, there’s a classic battle royal over the huge fortune she left behind.

Two of her three daughters, Mimi, 39 and Brooklyn, 31, are now throwing blows to see who is going to win most of the $75 million fortune, according to the National Enquirer.

The ladies have different fathers, which may explain the ordeal a bit. Donna and her husband Bruce Sudano are the parents to Brooklyn and Amanda, 28, while German actor Helmut Sommer, who is Donna’s ex husband, is the father of Mimi.

A source says that the family began fighting very close to the singer’s passing.

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“Donna was barely gone before Mimi and Brooklyn began battling over how much money they should get,” said an insider.

“Mimi thinks she should get the most because she is first born, but Brooklyn made it clear that she and her sister Amanda should get more. “Poor Bruce is still very upset over Donna’s passing, and the last thing he needs to deal with is the daughters fighting over the money – especially since Donna left it all to him, and he is being generous by agreeing to share it. “Amanda is sweet and is sympathetic to Bruce. She keeps telling her sisters to stop being so greedy and give him space to grieve before making him go through all the finances.”

Donna died on May 17 at the age of 63 after losing a 10-month battle against lung cancer.

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