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I love to encourage people to restore by the shore for health benefits.   The Yoga pose in the picture is “Seated Bird Of Paradise”, check out the video below for a demonstration and highlights from my recent retreat.  Besides a fun filled day at the beach, consciously allow yourself to cultivate an overall sense of healthy well-being.

Water generates negative ions, which has the following 8 health benefits:

1. – enhance the immune system

2. – increase alertness

3. – increase work productivity and concentration

4. – reduce susceptibility to colds and flu

5. – relief from sinus, migraine headaches, allergies and hay fever

6. – reduce the severity of asthma attack

7. – increase lung capacity

8. – reduce depression

It has long been believed that the ocean has many health benefits and natural curative powers. The smell of the air rolling off the ocean feels restorative. A big, deep breath of ocean air is delightful, especially after being cooped up inside all day. The moist ocean air seems to wrap one in a cozy cocoon of serenity.

Tai Chi Pose: “Cloud Hands” Lesson [VIDEO]

Research shows that the sound of waves alters wave patterns in the brain lulling you into a deeply relaxed state. Relaxing in this way can help rejuvenate the mind and body.

f you’ve ever wondered why we always sleep more soundly after spending the day on the beach, it’s because of the sea air. Sea air is charged with healthy negative ions that accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen. Negative ions also balance levels of seratonin, a body chemical linked with mood and stress. Which is why after a holiday you feel more alert, relaxed and energised.

Oceanside Retreat at Creative Chakra Spa In Marina Del Rey, CA

When we’re lying on the beach, the heat of the sun affects our endocrine system – the part of our body which secretes endorphins – the natural chemicals in our body designed to make us feel relaxed and less stressed.

When ocean water is sprayed, waves of hydrogen negative ions are released, purifying the air around us, killing bacteria, and increasing our energy level, especially in the presence of the sun.
Check out the following Yoga Flava video highlights  of June 25, 2011 “Restore By The Shore” At Sandie West’s Creative Chakra Spa. Robin Downes ‘Yoga Flava started the day with a playful beach walk along the pacific ocean followed by a Yoga Flava “Summer Sensual Sizzle Session. The participants utilized the “Happy Knees” Maji Sports Yoga Mat. Maji Sports Maji Sports sponsor Giovanni Villia educated the participants about the amazing benefits of their products.

Kai Chase, Celebrity Chef provided an “Out door interactive tasting lounge and lecture” which was also a tribute to the legacy of her former employer, Michael Jackson. The theme was “Making Time For The Family Table”.

Sending positive vibes to restore by the shore – Robin Downes’ Yoga Flava

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