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The newest member of the “Basketball Wives” clan, Meeka Claxton – better known as “So, I met up with [insert anyone of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” ladies yesterday] and she told me….” – was recently interviewed by TT Torrez and she opened up about everything from having grease in her family to E-thugs taking shots at her on twitter.

It’s no secret that Meeka is not particularly high on everyone’s radar and I thought that maybe that would change once I heard her interview. I thought, ‘No, she can’t possibly come off that shady.’ Interviews are supposed to be an opportunity for celebrities to let viewers see a different side to them without all the crazy edits. It’s their chance to use the interview as a platform to show regular everyday people like you and I how they really get down all cameras aside.

Truthfully, this interview did nothing to change my feelings on Meeka. For some reason I still get that eerily shady vibe from her. Her personality comes off so strong, so soon. It’s like she’s constantly out to prove something. My mother always told me, “Anybody who talks that much, that soon usually turn out to be big liars,” I get this vibe from her completely.

There are many instances of this interview where she contradicts herself. For instance, when TT brought up the rumor of Meeka reaching out to Shaunie to be on the show, her response in so many words, was that she was initially very hesitant about the show because of all the drama that came with it, but that she was told if she centers it around her family life and business, it could be a great opportunity. Now I don’t know about you, but….we’re already in the fourth episode of the season and I have no idea what business she has and have only seen her with her “family” once. Immediately after that, she was onto the drama.

I want to like Meeka. I really do. However, side eye’s are most definitely in abundance with this interview. Check out the interview and let me know how you feel about “Greasy Meeka” below:

*side note* Meeka’s part Spanish? Really???

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