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From the perspective of black yogis, I wanted to focus on the complimentary benefits of Yoga’s spirituality to those with firm religious view points.  Some people have experienced conflict with their religious beliefs and the inaccurate perception of Yoga in modern society.  Yoga allows the body to relax and be of greater clarity to be more in alignment with our purpose to serve.  When we meditate and pray we get in the spiritual mind set of the creator, which compliments whatever the religious interpretation may be.

Yoga Is Not A Religion, Christians Can Practice With Faith

Most black people do not understand how disconnected we are from ourselves and our history with Yoga.  The wisdom of the past serves as a guide for building the future.

Yoga Began In African (Ancient Egypt) [VIDEO]

More and more black people are interpreting the ancient art and science of Yoga for our modern society.

Russell Simmons “Super Rich” Book Review

Check Out The Video Below: Yoga Instructor, Robin Downes of Yoga Flava reports from the Yoga Journal NYC Conference 2011. She interviews Faith Hunter, Maya Breuer, Nadine McNeil and LaToya Conner about how Yoga’s spirituality is actually a compliment to religion. Why black people need to overcome the fear and lack of knowledge about the history and benefits of Yoga.

Check back for more interviews and highlights from the Yoga Journal Conference.

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