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Teen idols come and go. They have the looks, the hits, and the adoring fan base to propel them to super-stardom, but it’s all a man-made illusion. As soon as the music fades and the machine behind them ceases to operate, they quickly die out, their lifespan reduced by the sinking sand on which they’re built.

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Then there’s 21:03. Unlike the scores of teenage heartthrobs before them, the group is cut from an entirely different mold. Total Attention, their head-turning second album, proves that their rise to the top rungs of faith-based R&B wasn’t manufactured, but a direct result of their rock-solid foundation and exponential growth as artists, performers, and ministers.

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When 21:03 first hit the urban gospel scene with its watershed debut, PAJAM Presents Twenty One O’ Three, they were slowly finding their voice and place in an already cluttered marketplace. With Total Attention, the trio cements its identity, assuring the world they’re not a flash in the pan. They’re here to stay

“It’s not boring to be a Christian,” Torrence adds. “To be a Christian isn’t wack. It’s an exciting experience when you walk with Christ. We can get so easily distracted by things around us, but God wants your total attention. This is a time to stay focused.”

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