The Wings Of Inspiration-“The Power Of No”!

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    Today’s Daily Faith-Lift ™ is designed to remind you of the power of the word “NO!”

    In the past, I was guilty of being a “people-pleaser”. You could ask me for anything and I would go out of my way to say, “Yes”; even though my heart was whispering, “No.” During that season of my life, I viewed my actions as being a people “server”, but in reality I was being a people “pleaser.”

    But when I learned the power of the word “No”, my life begin to change. And my life changed completely when I learned that “No” is a complete sentence.

    The power of “No” is:

    • “No”, I can’t answer every call, because I’m answering “Yes” to God’s call!
    • “No”, I can’t reply to every email, because I’m replying “Yes” to my knee-mail!
    • “No”, I can’t respond to every text, because I’m responding “Yes” to God’s text; which is The Bible!
    • And “No”, I can’t RSVP for every invitation of my time, because I’m reserving a “Yes” for my assignment time.

    Take back your life with the two-letter word “No”; so you can go where God says, “Yes!” Remember, “No” is a complete sentence.

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