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The Wings Of Inspiration-“WANTED For What You Are Becoming!”

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Daily Faith-Lift ™

Today’s Daily Faith-Lift ™ is designed to remind that you are WANTED because of who you are becoming! Bishop Dale C. Bronner said in one of his sermons, “The enemy is not after you because of what you are ‘doing’, he’s after you because of what you are ‘becoming’.

Think about it:

  • When you “do” bless others, you “become” a blessing to others!
  • When you “do” your best during your test, you “become” a testimony.
  • When you “do” pray, you “become” prayerful!
  • When you “do” believe, you “become” a believer!
  • When you “do” have faith, you “become” faithful!
  • When you “do” right by Jesus Christ, you “become” a candidate for eternal life!

Therefore, what Bishop Dale C. Bronner said makes sense, “The enemy is not after you because of what you are ‘doing’, he’s after you because of what you are ‘becoming’.”

If you need a fresh wind of daily inspiration to uplift you, CeCe’s Daily Faith-Lift ™ can be delivered to your personal email address and/or by text to your phone! Sign up now for CeCe’s Daily Faith-Lift ™ at thewingsofinspiration@gmail.com. Have a great day on purpose!

CeCe McGhee

“The Angel of Inspiration

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