The Sisterhood

Domonique Scott, one of the stars of TLC’s “The Sisterhood,” was sentenced to one year in confinement followed by 14 years of probation for lying…

The all-new groundbreaking Lifetime® series “The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns” (#TheSisterhood) follows five young women who are considering the life-changing decision of taking religious vows to…

I have learned that TLC has canceled its controversial reality series “The Sisterhood.” The show chronicled the lives of the wives of several less-than-prominent preachers set in Atlanta. From the moment the show premiered on Jan. 1, it began receiving negative feedback from churchgoers, faith leaders and gospel recording artists. After eight episodes, the finale […]

from: Whether you like watching TLC’s “The Sisterhood” or not, there’s no denying that the Atlanta-based reality TV show has elicited strong responses from viewers. In a recent interview with Darlene McCoy, cast member Ivy Couch and her husband Pastor Mark Couch of Emmanuel Tabernacle Church talked about the criticism that the show has received. Ivy also shed more light about the time she […]

A petition on titled “TLC Network: Cancel ‘The Sisterhood’” seemed to showcase the frustration of some viewers who believed the premiere episode was “toxic and degrading.” Christina Murray, the first lady of Oasis Church pastored by her husband Anthony Murray, admits that she and her partner have experienced judgment from church people in the […]

from: Much has been written about the The Sisterhood, a reality show that details the lives of five pastor’s wives in Atlanta.  After the first episode aired on TLC last night (see the episode recap here) and people were able to get a taste of what the show would be like. CLICK HERE to first episode of The Sisterhood […]

from: The Sisterhood reality show is finally here. In the season premiere, First Lady Tara and Pastor Husband Brian are new to Atlanta and are looking to making new friends. However, after Tara shocks and upsets some of the local preacher’s wives, it’s clear that her arrival may not be a godsend. Christina and Pastor Anthony […]

from: The name of the show is actually “The Sisterhood” but from the reviews, it may actually be a Real Housewives of Atlanta with a religious values thrown in. report: The view from inside their world, their world, as they support their husbands and churches, is a radical and candid rendering of how […]