Today’s personal life coaching is designed to help you embrace ways to spend your tax refund! If you are getting a tax refund, it can really be good news, if you do good with it. To keep it from evaporating from your hands, there are smart ways to spend your tax refund: 1. Treat it […]

According to the Internal Revenue Service, 90 percent of tax refunds will be issued in a turnaround time of three weeks or less this year. However, if you want an update on when your money will arrive, the IRS now has a tool called “Where’s My Refund?”, which is a tool that you can use […]

Every year we all get advice on how to deal with tax returns. Figuring it all out can get a bit crazy. Even worse is when we receive the refund and realize it’s all gone before we had it. Here is how to be smarter. Tax time: That interestingly peculiar time of year when ordinarily […]