President Obama

President Obama yukked it up on NBC’s “Late Night” with Jimmy Fallon early Wednesday, joking about his hairstyle and favorite comedy in hopes of winning…

Kerry Washington and Forest Whitaker are adopting some of the nation’s worst-performing schools and pledging Monday to help the Obama administration turn them around by…

  *During a visit to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan this week, President Barack Obama took a moment to board one of its…

from: praisehouston On a crisp, mostly sunny Easter morning, the First Family walked across Lafayette Square to 11 a.m. services at St. John’s Episcopal Church. “Happy Easter, everybody,” the president said as he strolled past the pool. He was wearing a dark suit with a light-blue tie. The first lady was wearing a magenta-colored dress […]

Speaking at the 2012 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., President Barack Obama said his Christian faith is a driving force behind his economic policies. Speaking to more than 3,000 people at the annual breakfast, Obama said, for example, that his own call for fairness in the tax code – a central tenet of his […]

If you think President Barack Obama has done little for the Black community, you likely have not been keeping up with the news. Here’s NewsOne’s short list of accomplishments that the President has achieved for Black Americans — and everyone else too. SEE ALSO: Oprah: I Support Obama 100% King Leads Anti-Vietnam March 1) Awarded […]

On January 19th, filmmaker Spike Lee and wife Tonya will host a fund-raising dinner for President Obama in New York! Over the course of his presidential term, Lee has been supportive and critical of President Obama. However, Lee is hosting the fundraiser at his brownstone on the Upper East Side of New York Lee, who […]

While giving a speech at a campaign event yesterday, President Obama was heckled and called the anti-Christ by a man in the audience. Before the man was removed from the audience the crowd started to chant “four more years,” in support of Obama. Check out the video below and let us know what you think. […]

President Obama spoke from the White House Garden yesterday about his plan to jump start the economy and create jobs that Americans desperately need. Obama stood firm in his beliefs that middle class families shouldn’t be paying more taxes that Million and Billionaires. Will congress finally side with the president to get things rolling in […]

Earlier this week our sister sites, “Hello Beautiful“, “NewsOne” and “The Urban Daily” participated in hosting an  interactive conversation about the state of the union  with top Aides in the White House. The discussion ended with a surprise visit from the President answering questions directly for over 15 minutes. The forum, titled “Open for Questions […]

Four days after President Obama laid out the American Jobs Act for Congress, he took his message to a public forum attended by over 100 African Americans at the White House and live-streamed over the Internet, imploring them to help get the bill passed. “We are at a critical juncture in our country and this […]

President Obama wrapped up the debt-ceiling debate just in time to celebrate another important milestone, his 50th birthday.Take a look at Jennifer Hudson leading the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to President Barack Obama on the eve of his 50th birthday and check out our photo gallery below: President Meets Circle Of Protection To […]