President Donald Trump made a Thanksgiving Day phone call to members of the military Thursday but the call went South.   As is presidential tradition, Trump took time out of his Thanksgiving celebrations to speak with troops stationed around the world.   Trump’s comments came after a defeat by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals […]

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF was struck by the repeated attempts he has has to deal with people stealing phone chargers in people’s houses! He asks that God “binds the spirit of taking the charger that ain’t yours.” He is fed up with the charger-stealers, who sometimes even pull off a sloppy job […]

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF says he comes in need because he’s noticing an epidemic just as big as the Zika Virus rearing its ugly head on unsuspecting victims. He says its a “taboo” epidemic, and he’s referring to the way people have been suddenly dropping their phones and cracking the screens! He […]

Marcus D. Wiley is busting out churches whose receptionists don’t know anything about the church! Click on the audio player to hear Marcus further explain his frustrations with…