Erica Campbell explains that she was talking with one of the callers about how people waste some of their happy in celebration by focusing on somebody that was “hating on you” or just wasn’t rooting for you to win. Warryn Campbell explains that God never blesses us to make others feel bad. In fact, our […]

In today’s Love Talk, Erica Campbell revisits into that famous scripture that isn’t too popular sometimes; love your enemies, do good to them, and lend without expecting anything back. Erica talks about forgiveness and why we should let our anger go. She explains why doing things that way- God’s way -is the best way. It can be tempting […]

Here are a few suggestion on how to deal with haters.. 1. If you don’t know why they hate you, ask them calmly and nicely. 2. If you know why they hate you, be mature and apologize if it was your fault. 3. Show them respect that you show others and when they need help, […]