When a girl is on the go, she needs all the extra compartments she can get! A hands-free look is always in style. Whether you need to put your cell phone, keys or that perfect shade of lipstick, here are 9 dresses with pockets that will come to your rescue!

When we think “holiday outfit,” we think sparkle, decoration, and shine, so expect to see a lot of glitter, ruffles and velvet this season. Here are 10 perfect dresses to wear to your Christmas dinner and after-party. They’re not too fancy, but they show you’re in the holiday spirit. 10 Christmas Gifts For Your Best […]

Five-year-old Dyson loves wearing dresses, jewelry, and stuff that’s traditionally for girls. His mom, Cheryl, worried that people would at him and be cruel, but his and his school have been super-supportive of his fashion choices. Looks like the “Men in Pumps” phenomenon has moved from Morehouse College to Pre-School! Dyson’s mom wrote a kids’ […]