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Following months of hearsay, speculation, accusations, gossip, the release of the 911 call regarding the passing of Whitney Houston (which was the last straw for me), the coroner’s report and the final report from the Los Angeles Police Department; the investigation into the death of Whitney Houston is now officially closed. Officials say that it […]

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Over the weekend, a local church in Wichita, Kansas blessed drivers by filling up their tanks for free! The senior pastor, DeAndre Morris of Kingdom Harvest Church, arranged for the event to happen at a local convenience store, where 40 church members, police and other volunteers managed the line and pumped the gas. Cars lined […]

Pastor Marvin Sapp’s new CD “I Win” in stores today! It’s a must have!!!!

Pastor Marvin Sapp clears up the rumors about him dating, what his kids think about him dating as well as why he isn’t looking for another “First Lady.” Please click and listen below:

Pastor Marvin Sapp shares he questioned God, how he is still standing and why the song “Keep It Moving” on his new CD “I Win” is the foundation he stands on with his children, thanks to his late wife Malinda.

Pastor Marvin Sapp shares his testimony, the recording of the CD and the hilarious search for songwriters for the new CD “I Win”! Please click below to listen and enjoy. :-)

Pastor Marvin Sapp opens up to CeCe about the loss of his wife, how his children are doing since the passing of their mother and how he deals with loss overall. Please click and listen below:

Today, the world had a chance to see the trailer of the upcoming final film starring Whitney Houston. The musical movie “Sparkle” premiered on NBC’s “Today” show. This is a remake of one of my all-time favorite movies, which hits theaters nationwide August 17. See trailer below. Source: YouTube

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Cissy Houston has done her first interview since the passing of her daughter Whitney Houston. Cissy sat down this past Thursday night to talk with My 9’s Brenda Blackmon, a New Jersey TV anchor. The interview took place at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, N.J., the church where Whitney first sang for the congregation […]