Battle of The Sexes

It’s Clues and Categories on the Lonnie Hunter Show.  Calvin versus Elise.  Who is going to win and start on the winning track?

It’s the Thursday Edition of Clues and Categories and the ladies are up 2-1 against the men.  Who is going to take the week?

It’s the Hump Day Edition of Clues and Categories and the competition is tied up 1-1.  Who will pull ahead going into Thursday?

Its Game 2 of Clues and Categories and the men are up 1-0.  Who is going to take it home?  The category is National Punctuation Day.

The Talent Show is on right now and its the ladies versus the fellas.  Pastor Joshua versus Paige.  Who is going to win?

The first Clues and Categories of the week.  Last week, the men were victorious so let’s see if the women are able to start the week right.

It’s Clues and Categories for the Lonnie Hunter Show and its Game 2 of the week.  The women have taken Game 1.  Who will win Game 2?

It’s the Battle of The Sexes Talent Show on the Lonnie Hunter Show.  Who is going to take the title home?  The ladies or the fellas?