I honestly can say, I can no longer keep up with the many changes in technology! I have the original iPad and many people I know have the newer iPad, However, Apple could soon announce another change to the iPad. There’s a lot of talk going around that Apple working on a smaller, seven-inch version […]

The FBI says more than 277,000 computers worldwide may be infected with a malware virus and their users could lose the ability to go online. Warnings about the internet problem have been sent to users by their internet service providers; and it’s also been all over Facebook and Google. The FBI has set up a […]

An analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics was just released by CNBC, resulting in the 15 highest-paid careers in the U.S. today. The good old jobs remain on top, such as doctors, dentists, and CEOs.  However, the list includes pharmacists; as well as several managerial roles, airplane pilots, co-pilots, flight engineers, and […]

Daily Faith-Lift ™ Today’s Daily Faith-Lift ™ is designed to remind you to count your blessings, so you can lose count of your problems. In life we will always go and grow through something; so we might as well learn to grow through gratefulness. Growing through gratefulness means: Counting our blessings and making sure our […]

According to a new study, the average person wastes 69 MINUTES every day procrastinating.  That’s more than 17 full days every year wasted on procrastinating.  And over the course of your adult life, that adds up to THREE FULL YEARS completely wasted on procrastinating. Read more on this study at http://tinyurl.com/cr5p6ul. SOURCE: Daily Mail

Drink plenty of water and other fluids Stay in an air conditioned room Stay out of the sun Check up on elderly relatives and neighbors When and if possible, reschedule strenuous activity to early morning or evening, if you work or spend time outside If you are using a fan, please make sure the windows […]

The National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Warning is in effect until 8 PM Saturday Night! Today-96 Friday-High 97 Saturday-High 101 Sunday-High 95 (Potential thunderstorms) Monday-High 88 SOURCE: http://www.accuweather.com

Actress Nia Long is tired of reading blog comments about her marriage status. The Hollywood starlet is jaded by the dopamine-fueled “whirlwind” relationships that often…

George Zimmerman‘s new bond has been set by a judge for $1 million on Thursday. Zimmerman’s first bond hearing granted him release from the Sanford County Jail for $150,000. Judge Lester later revoked the bond because Zimmerman and his wife Shellie lied in court about the money they had in their accounts, as well as […]

Its Clues and Categories tied 1-1.  Who is going to win???

America won’t be the only one blowing out birthday candles today. Malia Obama, the country’s fashionable birthday twin, is celebrating her 14th born day! We’ve…

The big question on every young woman’s mind of late is, “Can I truly have it  all?” You see it discussed in forums, on panels,…