Dose: Spirit-Guided Relationships Ephesians 5:21-Wives and Husbands submit to one another. Submitting to another person is an often misunderstood concept.  Submitting to one another doesn’t mean to become each other’s doormat. Christ submitted His will to the Father. Therefore, in a Christian marriage both wives and husbands are called to submit to each other.  Husbands […]

Dose: Be Thankful Thank God for your message because you’ll come out with a message! Gratitude is the best attitude! Be thankful for what you have and God will give you more! -The Afternoon Angel

Dose: Walking with Jesus! Mary Mary’s new song “Walking” makes you feel good! When you walking with Jesus you should be walking out the Word. When people walk by what do they see? Remember, it’s better to be a sermon than to hear a sermon! -The Afternoon Angel