Today Marcus D. Wiley puts Byron Cage “Faithful To Believe” Under The Microscope. Check out today’s segment to hear all about it!

Today Marcus D. Wiley and Brian Courtney Wilson does a special rendition of Unplugged. Check out this segment to hear this crazy duet!

Today for Tea Time Marcus D. Wiley asked the question “If you could vote on what you wanted your pastor to drive, what would it be?” Check out this segment to hear the various vehicles listeners would want their pastor to drive!

Today’s Tea Time topic is about Dallas’ football stadium being a distraction. This year the cowboys have yet to win a game at home. Check out today’s segment as Marcus D. Wiley points of the distractions the players have to deal with when going to the  locker room.

Today’s Tea Time Topic: “Is this grounds to be a little upset”. Marcus D. Wiley tells all  about his disappointment from working hard all day and going home for dinner to find out his wife made Frito pies. Listeners called in to share their opinion to tell if they have a kitchen or concession stand in their home.

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Today Marcus D. Wiley put Earnest Pugh’s “Rain On Us” Under The Marcuscope. Check it out right here to hear what he had to say about it! RELATED: More “Under The Microscope” From Marcus D. Wiley

Today for Tea Time Marcus D. Wiley tells the story about a man asking him to support his black business this past weekend while shopping on Broad St. Check out today’s tea time to hear all about it!

Take a look at two funny comic strips for the Christian community, and get ready to LOL!

Today’s topic for Tea Time was about people who spit when they talk. Listeners call in to share their experiences.