The social media world was in a frenzy over a video of Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum almost calling Obama the “N” word while speaking to a group of voters in Janesville, Wisconsin on Wednesday. Santorum stumped on a “N” word when describing president Obama, and it seemed to really catch him off guard. Check […]

Should a child over 18 be allowed to remain in a traditional high school setting? Share your comments below as to why/why not?

President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address is getting mixed reviews. Some people are saying it was filled more with suggestions than solutions. Some people feel it was straight to the point and hit a home-run! What are your thoughts? Take the poll below:

from: We are asking what the signs of a healthy church are and want your opinion! Perhaps you can shine some light on why the church you attend has continued to thrive and what’s important to help maintain the body of Christ. After we get the top 10, we will tabulate the list and […]

According to the latest results of an annual USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, President Barack Obama and Billy Graham are two of America’s most admired men of 2011! President Obama lands at #1 while Graham takes the #4 spot. For America’s most admired women, First Lady Michelle Obama landed at #3 and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton […]

Former Philadelphia schools superintendent Arlene Ackerman, who was given a nearly $1-million buyout earlier this year, has applied for unemployment. This comes after taxpayers funded a $905,000 buyout when in August.  As part of her separation agreement, the School Reform Commission agreed not to contest any unemployment claims she might file. Based on her former […]

I once took significant time off from attending services after going through a series of difficult challenges at my local church. After a while, although I felt like I had rid myself of the people who were stressing me out, as time went by, I found myself also feeling more and more depressed, cynical, and […]

Incensed by what she calls a lack of reverence, Cynthia Stargell, a minister of music and entrepreneur has launched “a clarion call to stop texting and tweeting during worship services.” Billed as “Respect for the House of God,” Stargell and a band of 46 Facebook friends started there crusade on October 1-2, 2011. The next […]

Two new reality show with Christian flavor are getting attention, but is this type of programming needed in the Christian community? The new reality show The Real Housewives of the Bible is the brainchild of web-based evangelist and author Ty Adams. Because of the scandalous nature of other “Real Housewives” series, this edition targets the […]

The movie “The Help” opens tomorrow in theaters starring Cicely Tyson and Academy Award nominated Viola Davis and many others. The movie is based on one of the most talked about books in years and a #1 New York Times best-seller. The movie takes place during the 1960s and is about African-American maids in Mississippi […]