Kevin LeVar talks with Erica and GRIFF about the single and his upcoming album, "Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken" and the message behind it. The post Kevin LeVar Introduces New Single ‘The Only Thing That Matters’ appeared first on Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell.

Deitrick Haddon comes to the Get Up Church to drop his brand new single and video "Here Comes The Joy." The song along with the video gives you a throwback theme that will have you jamming this spring and summer.

The producer, best-selling author, and motivational speaker come to the Get Up Church to give us exclusive details on both projects, "It Takes A Woman" with Audible and "Kingdom Business" on BET Plus

Dr. Jackson is a licensed psychologist, author, and life coach. She's also a licensed and ordained evangelist so she knows how to help. Listen as she gives us six steps to maintain our mental health and well-being. 

I wouldn't dare walk through without the power of the Holy Spirit on my side, the Holy Spirit told me a long time ago, you do it through the grace of God, you don't have to do it in your own strength.

Step number seven is the "power of a plan." If you fail to plan you are really planning to fail.

I want to inspire you and encourage you to put your confidence, your trust and your belief in God to bounce back, to move forward.

Gospel star Charles Jenkins was the Guest Pastor in the Get Up! Church today. The award-winning singer blessed up with his version of the Ericaism, the "Jenkins-ism

Award-winning international speaker, best-selling author, and financial expert, Tarra Jackson joined the Get Up! church to talk finances for Monday Monday. Jackson, also known as "Madam Money," spoke to Charles Jenkins and GRIFF about our relationship with money and why it is important to know the "four financial languages."

I want you to imagine yourself in the home you've always dreamed up or driving the car you always wanted. Imagine giving a six-figure tithe check to your church. Can you see it? Something powerful happens when you can connect the vision with an emotion.

The founding Pastor of Potter's House Los Angeles, the bestselling American author, speaker, producer, and influential leader is a man of many hats. Robert talks about ways to gain more structure to become a better you.