Elements Of Inspiration

These are some of the thoughts of some of our listeners…. Felicia With life; food, clean water (hot/cold), shelter, health, children! Anika waking me up every morning.. giving me the continued usage of my limbs and a healthy mind.. Joandria I’m alive and I can tell u all and say I Love Jesus he keeps […]

What kind of ( INSPIRATIONAL FOOTBALL PASS ) would you throw to someone whos LOSING the GAME of LIFE?? What would you say to Encourage them?? These are the thoughts of our Praise 103.9 Listeners……. 1. Palmer: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me- Philippians 4:13. This has been my favorite scripture […]

1 Just PRAY! GOD is waiting to hear from You! 2 They falsely accuse you but GOD knows you better than that! 3 With GOD You’re Always Safe! 4 Everyone wants to Live a Clean life. The Best way to Start is to Pray and trust GOD for the Better! Amen. 5 GOD wants YOU […]

Here are some powerful Scriptures on NOT GIVING UP!!!! Philippians 4:12-13 I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Psalm 31:24 Be […]

Arlene Ackerman Fmr. Phila. School District Superintendent has passed away. Dr. Ackerman has been an educator for more than 43 years. She has given so much of her life to children in so many ways as well as public education. She has Inspired so many people to do the same. She has help increase greater […]

What do you want GOD to CHANGE in your LIFE? These are the thoughts of our listeners of Praise 103.9. We all need God to change some things in our lives. most people don’t want to live the way they have been living any more. everyone what to do and be better….. 1. Timikka My […]

1. Sometimes YOU have to Look in the Mirror and say.. I AM A CHILD OF GOD! And keep it movin!! AMEN 2. Dreams come true especially when GOD is involved. Dream on Believer Dream on! 3. GOD will take YOU through a Spiritual Metamorphosis and reintroduce YOU to the Public as BLESSED! 4. You […]

These are some of the comments of out Praise 103.9 Listeners: What’s some of the Best Things that has ever happened to you? 1. Mike: Omar and Alexus 2. Louise: FINDING JESUS…. MY CHILDREN 3. Anika: My Heavenly Father and my earthly father that is now in heaven also. 4. Cheryl: GOD and my family! […]

Making Progress The future awaits us all weather we are ready or not. It’s best for us to have plans so we can prosper even as our souls prosper. All throughout the Bible we see God is always making preparations for us to move forward in life and live abundantly. It’s interesting how God never […]

5 Days of Inspiration 1. Start FRESH! You have the Spirit of GOD in you to Change the World Around You! Amen! 2. We all have the Opportunity to take advantage of GODS Salvation Package. Amen! 3. No Matter What you Go through, GOD will always Get YOU Out. 4. The GLORY of GOD will […]

One of Pens Grove New Jersey’s Best Kept secrets is a man by the name of Marcus Dowe. He has been very instrumental in working with youth in his community and truly believing in the lives of the youth. Recently the Mayor of his town Mayor Washington and the PennsGrove Boro Council honors Marcus Dowe […]

These are the thoughts of our Praise 103.9 Listeners… Neo: by their actions..anyone can tell you they love you…love is an action word…SHOW ME! Denise: I think it is the actions not what is said. It is what is done. Michelle Johnson: Seeing Is Believing’ Felicia : There are soooooo manyyyyyyy wolves in sheeps clothing […]