13-year-old Takara Davis was hit by a car and put in a medically induced coma  this week. But while she was being rushed to emergency surgery, a cop felt the need to give Takara’s mom her jaywalking citation. Talk about adding insult to injury. 13-year-old Takara Davis was walking home from school in Las Vegas […]

If you’re angry at your doctor, your boss, your relative or your spouse, you can probably sit down and have a productive conversation about it. God, on the other hand, is probably not available to chat. And yet people get angry at God all the time, especially about everyday disappointments, finds a new set of […]

“My name is Kesha, I’m 34-years-old and I love eating toilet paper.” Say what? TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” tells stories of people who are battling obsessive behavior. Some have to sleep with blow dryers, others are addicted to body building and then there is good ol’ Kesha. You see, Kesha just can’t stop eating toilet […]

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – A South Dakota governor once commuted the sentences of 36 criminals – on the condition they leave his state. In Florida, a convict was told in the 1990s to move to Maryland in order to be set free. Governors granting early releases have sometimes imposed unusual conditions. But as far as […]

VIA: AP Christina Wilson was getting her 4-year-old son up from a nap and bringing him in to listen to a compact disc his grandparents had given him for Christmas when her husband stopped her – he thought he heard something inappropriate. Then Wilson listened to the “Kids Favorites” CD out of her son Caiden’s […]

Tyler Perry is fighting fire with compassion. The movie mogul, 41, is reaching out to an 88-year-old great-grandmother of seven, who lost everything when her house in Coweta County – just southwest of Atlanta – burned to the ground, reports Atlanta’s WSB-TV. The Atlanta-based filmmaker pledged to rent a house for Rosa Lee Ransby and […]

As part of her Australian adventure, for some reason Oprah Winfrey thought it was important for her lucky troupe of 300 viewers to visit the Dafel Dolls And Bear Shop in Melbourne. Who knows? Perhaps this store has a cultural legacy that makes it of critical importance to visit when one goes to Australia. But […]

(CNN) — On Thursday, December 2, as Aneka sat at home nine months pregnant, the phone rang. It was her obstetrician wanting to know where the heck she was. Did Aneka forget that today was the day for her cesarean section? How could she have forgotten? No, Aneka hadn’t forgotten. She hadn’t shown up intentionally. […]

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was indicted this week on even more corruption charges. These charges also implicated his father, Bernard Kilpatrick. Federal prosecutors argue that Kwame and his father engaged in a “pattern of extortion, bribery and fraud,” leading to the 38-count indictment. U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade is at the forefront of the investigation. […]

It sure feels good to be at the top of your game. That’s certainly the way comedian Steve Harvey has to feel after hearing the news that his second book, ‘Straight Talk, No Chaser’ has topped the New York Times Best Sellers list. The new relationship tome is the follow-up to his Amistad/Harper Collins debut ‘Act […]

I got a call not too long ago. It was from Wells Fargo, the bank that has been sued by one county after another for engaging in predatory lending toward the African American community. My first question to my business manager was “What do they want? I’m probably not going to be interested.” My personal […]

The Faithful Central Bible Church has owned the Forum since 2000. The church purchased the iconic landmark for 22.5 million dollars “envisioning a family entertainment venue with concerts, shops, restaurants and a hotel that would create hundreds of jobs in an underserved area while generating income for the church and its mission,” Richard Verrier, LA […]