Whether you are a traditional dad in a traditional family, a non custodial dad, a stay home dad, a stepdad, or whatever your role, the most precious thing a dad can give his kids is his time. A personal investment in your children is much more important to them than any toy, video game or […]

Even parents who are rarely at a loss for words stumble when it’s time to talk with their kids about sex. Some children you can turn loose with a book (see sidebar) and then field their inevitable questions. Others will be more hesitant. read more

Some feel that Black people still have to work harder and smarter in order to receive equal treatment and respect.

by James Harvey What are Christian teens’ view regarding sexual relations before marriage? Over the years there has been ongoing discussions regarding this matter in different denominations. Some of these discussions have even become heated. Some professed Christian religions have taken a somewhat “tolerant” postion, arguing that it is good for young persons to date, […]

So why do we celebrate Labor Day? Where did it originate?

A recent study showed that 40 percent of people surveyed can't cope without a cell phone, 35 percent of people used cell phones to escape their problems and 7 percent blamed the cell phone for a lost relationship or job.

Legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel found inspiration not just in her fellow Parisians but also in the air she breathed and the life she lived. Fashion consumed her, but not simply the clothes worn by the women bustling through the Left Bank. She was fascinated with the desire to express lifestyle and ideas through clothing. […]

In spite of the corruption and the decadence of the polytheistic Roman government, the Apostle Paul supported the basic principle that government is God’s agent to maintain the rule of law on Earth. In Romans 13:1, Paul wrote, “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities for there is no authority except that which God […]

Take a look at this exclusive and informative interview with Fred Hammond.

There is an ongoing trend in America that more church worshippers are staying home to conduct church service. Church at home versus having church at home Read the full story right here.

There's so much more to the man you tune in to from 10 am-2 pm weekdays on Praise 103.9. In addition to being an engaging and entertaining host, Lonnie Hunter is a highly respected and award-winning radio personality who is expanding in many arenas. Find out more about Praise 103.9's midday talent inside.