Whenever an “ambitious research initiative” purports to have distilled the thoughts and feelings of women in their 20s, I bristle a little. A few weeks ago, it was The New York Times claiming we all had a collective failure to launch. Whenever another such study produces a whole new word to define our enigma of […]

*Sometimes you just wonder where a good, independent woman could go wrong. Well, its when she gets a man who still decides to cheat on her even when she’s bringing home the bacon. A study conducted by Cornell University gave the rundown as to why men cheat on women who make more money than them. […]

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Six weeks ago, 20-year-old Nick Bell was the starting defensive end for Mississippi State University in the season-opening win against Georgia. But Bell’s promising future was cut short Tuesday, when the 6-foot-3, 265-pound redshirt sophomore died suddenly from cancer. “The emotional roller coaster you go through is hard to comprehend sometimes,” MSU head football coach […]

One of my closest girlfriends was diagnosed with breast cancer this year. She found out five months after she lost her job, four months after she got engaged, and one month after her adoption came through and she welcomed a new baby into her life. It was so much to deal with in one sitting, […]

*Eddie Long and all the other Black pastors under fire right now has prompted a media frenzy and shaken believers. In response, Michael A. Stevens, senior pastor of University City Church of God in Christ in North Carolina, found it necessary to defend Black preachers in a recent interview with KTLA. When asked what the […]

A 22-year old mother in Jacksonville, FL, just pleaded guilty to second degree murder after killing her young son. The child, three-months old, was shaken to death because the mother had become angry that his crying interrupted her game of Farmville on Facebook. The mother, Alexandria Tobias, faces up to 25-years in prison. Zynga, the […]

By Nancy McCleary Staff writer That burglars ransacked the house was bad, but their leaving thank-you notes for the stolen property added insult to injury. That’s what Ernest Thomas and his wife said as they spoke about the break-in at their home on the 5200 block of Madonna Drive in the West Area Heights neighborhood […]

A former franchise manager blamed the McDonald’s corporation for making him gain 65 pounds over a 12-year employment period, so he sued them. A Brazilian court “weighed” the case, then ruled this week that the now hefty ex-employee of the fast food company was entitled to his “just desserts,” so he was awarded $17,500. The […]

Forsyth County sheriff’s investigator Jeff Roe pointed to the screen in the gymnasium of Cornerstone SchoolsFriday and guided yet another audience — this one, middle school students — down the perilous path of sex and the Internet. Enlarge photo Phil Skinner, AJC Forsyth County sheriff’s investigator Jeff Roe, whose specialty is Internet crimes, talks about […]

During a telenews conference with African-American leaders on Tuesday night, President Barack Obama urged citizens to remember “… we can get to the mountaintop, but it’s a journey, not one step.” With Democrats nervously watching poll numbers slide in recent months as a surge in support for Republican-bred Tea Party candidates has swept the country, […]

When 19-year-old suspect Winston Cox, entered Sabine’s Hallway Beauty Salon in Brooklyn, New York, little did he know that the nice lady getting her done was off-duty police officer Feris Jones, aka “Trick Shot Jones.” Cox reportedly entered the salon and ordered Jones and three other customers to put all their belongings in a bag […]