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A Nether Povidence Township, Pa., Mom is being accused of gagging and duct taping her 2-year-old toddler to a chair.

The bone-chilling photo, which was on the mother’s (Caira Ferguson, pictured below), cell phone, shows her posing next to the diapered toddler as she was tied to a blue plastic chair with duct tape around her legs, arms, chest and mouth.

Interestingly enough, the 21-year-old Mom actually tipped off local police herself, when she showed officers the cell phone photo of her bound child as part of a claim that her identity had been stolen. Police believe, however, that the 21-year-old Mom fabricated her complaint in order to shift the blame on to someone else and cover up other crimes under the guise of stolen identity.

When Chester Township police investigator’s obtained a search warrant and rummaged through Ferguson’s home, because she had outstanding warrants, they found duct tape and traces of it on the blue chair.

As Ferguson was escorted out of the police station on Wednesday, she told reporters she was innocent:

“I did not duct tape my daughter,” she said.

According to police, though, Ferguson admitted during questioning that she bound her daughter seven months ago.

Ferguson was charged with child endangerment, unlawful restraint and false imprisonment. She is being held without bail, and her daughter is in the custody of child welfare workers.

What makes a Mother capable of performing such a despicable act on her own child?

Unfortunately, Ferguson is a statistic as a young, black, single Mother. Women who take on this role are oftentimes in dire need of parenting help.

Ferguson could probably benefit from a well-planned curricula of parenting classes, these kinds of courses have been shown to be improve the parenting skills of many parents. Either way, Ferguson needs help, and until she gets some, she shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near her child.

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