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This is one of the most bizarre and lethal forms of vengeance you’re going to see. This is obviously where revenge is going … online! This woman, who conceals her identity, is giving up serious information on this man in an effort to destroy him both professionally and personally. You can see the phrase, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” in full detail on this website.

Not only has she meticulously discredited Wesley Van Johnson, who is a pastor, but she went as far as to use his name for the web address.  Everyone knows that’s the greatest way to have people who are seeking him find him in a search and send them to her site that would appear to be his own.  But once they start reading, as you will, they will soon realize that this is not his site.  Especially once they read all the text messages between them that she has posted on the site.

The woman is a black woman who says that the pastor enjoys interracial porn amongst other lewd behavior.  She provides a full list –called Wesley Facts…things you would never guess about this preacher– of less than honorable behavior that the pastor partakes in.  Not only that, she talks about her affair that she thought was just a relationship that resulted in her pregnancy and later abortion.  But all of that was exacerbated by her finding out that he was married.  The wife and her have even become friends.

If ever someone was looking to cause havoc on another for past indiscretions, this woman seems to be the “go to” person for that information.  She even has a tab called “Affairs Abortions and Abominations.”

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