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If you are like me and have no interest whatsoever in the upcoming Super Bowl, and are met with looks of horror when you accidentally let slip that you have absolutely no idea about the game, about the players or about the history of the great game, then I have just the solution for you.

Just slip these fun facts into conversation, and make it sound like you actually have a clue about this thing they call the ‘Super Bowl’, and avoid the shocked looks and head shakes, from people who are probably reassessing their desire to be your friend (at least for game day).

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1. This season’s game is being played against the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

2. The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most Super Bowl’s at 6. The Packers have won 3.

3. The Super Bowl is numbered in Roman numerals because the season spans two calender years. Although this year’s game will be played on February 6, it is counted as the 2010 season.

4. Super Bowl XLI made history as it was the first time two African Americans coached a Super Bowl game. (Tony Dungy, Colts and Lovie Smith, Bears).

5. 9 of the 10 most watched television programs of all time in the United States, are Super Bowl games.

6. The team to score first has won 25 of 36 Super Bowls. The team to lead at three quarter time have won 31 of 36.

7. No team has ever competed in the Super Bowl in their home city. The selection of the Super Bowl location happens around three years prior to the game.

8. Mike Tomlin is the youngest coach in history to win a Super Bowl. His Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl XLIII on February 1 2009.

9. The Packers haven’t competed in the Super Bowl since they went back to back in 1996-97.

10. Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest day for food consumption in the United States of America, behind Thanksgiving.

…but if they are amazed by your wealth of knowledge on America’s big game, and try to spark up a conversation about football now that they think you’re a hard-core fan, just make sure you always have an empty cup by your side, so if the questions get a bit too intense for your liking, you can just excuse yourself to go get a drink, and don’t come back until the conversation has moved on.

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