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A good night’s sleep doesn’t just boost your mood—it also improves your looks. Yet only 25 percent of Americans get the recommended eight hours per night. We compiled the most common mistakes, so you can learn how to get the most—and the best—rest possible.

Watching TV before bed

You may not feel that active when you’re being a couch potato the hour before bed, but the fake light from your screen tricks your mind into thinking it’s not time to sleep yet. Funnily enough, the only stimulating thing doctors do recommend before bed is sex—though it’s arousing, it ultimately makes most people tired.

Checking the time

Don’t give in! Checking to see how much longer you’ve got until your alarm goes off just amps up anxiety. Keep the clock far enough away from the bed so you can’t see it without making a conscious decision to get up, walk over, and look.

Sleeping in a warm room

A room that’s too warm won’t leave you as rested as you might think. Chill out: Any temperature above 68 degrees doesn’t send your brain the right signal to fall into a deep sleep

Having a cocktail

We may sound like killjoys, but for a really restful night’s sleep, stay away from alcohol, period. That glass or two of wine that helps you drift off could make you toss and turn when the alcohol eventually leaves your bloodstream and you become more alert.

Too-tight pj’s

Slinky pajamas aren’t just sexy; they help you sleep better, too. A recent study found that sleeping in tight, body-shaping garments interferes with circadian rhythms enough to decrease melatonin levels and increase body temperature—the exact opposite of what causes sleep. SEE THE REST HERE!

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