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It seems it must be getting harder and harder out here to be a pimp … I mean pastor.  They are having such a rough time with all of these charges being levied against them from one thing to the next.

Now we have one that is allegedly breaking an entering on her own member’s home. She must not have tithed properly or something.  Why would the pastor be all up and through this woman’s belongings; on Christmas Eve no less.  Well, let’s see.

First of all, Pastor Sandy McGriff, 52 of a south Dallas church is also Kathy Robinson with a record as long as her arm. She’s been selling a bunch of bull hockey to her members and there’s not a crime that can compete with this one.  The art of lying to your own church members and shaking their faith.  But Serita Agnew said she’s not going to allow her to shake her faith in God.

The pastor allegedly stole designer purses, furs,  computers from Agnew.  She couldn’t believe it because she said she didn’t need any of this because she already has “fabulous things.”  What would you do?  Bail your pastor out and forgive her or press charges to the fullest extent of the law?  Check out how deep this story goes.  This woman belongs to a long line of spiritual folks. Maybe to call them spiritual is a stretch.  Ridiculous!  Watch the report here:

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