Four teenagers were arrested for allegedly forcing two 5-year-old children to carry out sexual acts on each other and recording the crimes with a mobile phone, police said on Wednesday.

The four teenagers – two 13-year-old boys and two 15 and 17-year-old girls – were taken into custody on Monday and Tuesday on suspicion of producing, possession and spreading child pornography.

Police said they began their investigation after family members of the victims came forward and alleged that two children – a boy and a girl – had been the victim of sexual abuse. An investigation revealed that the the group forced the boy to undress the girl and carry out sexual acts on her. Police said the crimes were recorded with a mobile phone and were then shared with the other three teenagers.

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The computers, laptops and mobile phones of the suspects – who were not identified – were seized after the arrests for further inspection. Police said especially the 15-year-old girl was most active in forcing the victims to carry out sexual acts and recording those with her mobile phone.

Authorities warned teenagers that producing, possession and spreading child pornographic movies and nude photos of underage children is a crime. They also cause severe emotional damage to the victims in such material.

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