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Karen Clark Sheard’s latest is ‘All’ that and more


Grammy Award winner Karen Clark Sheard is Prayed Up, according to the title of her hot new single that is burning up the Billboard gospel charts. Her latest project entitled All in One was released April 6 on her own label, KaRew Records, a venture with her husband, Dr. J Drew Sheard.

As Sheard, of the famed iconic gospel group The Clark Sisters, sings the good news, her message as a Christian artist is clear.

 “You can come and join us and God can make the change in your life,” she said. “Look today that gospel music is being taken to another phrase. We cannot be confined to the four walls of the church. Gospel artists need to walk though the doors and represent!”

Sheard, as other contemporary gospel recording artists are, is enjoying crossover success and her music is enjoyed in secular circles.

“It feels good because I feel like we’re making a difference. Their faces are like ‘yes,’” the multi-award winning singer said of singing before secular audiences. “When I did my last thing those people stood up like they were in church and just went into a praise. It shows that when the power of God and the anointing is there it makes a difference.” Sheard offers words of encouragement to aspiring youth.

“I will encourage them to hold on to your dreams,” she said. “I prayed that I would be a big vehicle to make that dream come true and be an example and here I am with a record label to help make that dream come true. …  Writing is the best thing you can ever do.  I learned that. Hold on to your hopes and dreams, go into that studio, get some good musician and sing and God will run you into the right people.”

Her latest project, All in One, is available in stores and on

“Remember you are blessed by the Best!”

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