T. Choice Apologizes For Asking For Vick’s Autograph!


Tashard Choice apologized via Twitter Monday for asking Michael Vick for an autograph following Sunday night’s Eagles win over the Cowboys in Dallas.

“If its anybody that cares about winning and the d cowboys it’s me,” Choice wrote. “I apologize to the people, it was just an innocent jesture (sic) for my nephew.”

Choice immediately came under fire when an NBC camera caught him handing Vick a pair of gloves to sign before the two left the field Sunday. The Cowboys running back responded later that night on Twitter: “Listen y’all I know Vick. That glove was for my nephew who is 3. Not for me.”

During his press conference Monday, Cowboys interim coach Jason Garrett said he would discuss the matter with Choice, but that he fully supported his player.

“I certainly defend him,” Garrett said. “I know how hard guys compete in this league and how they battle against each other. I also know about the healthy respect that guys have for each other.”

“That’s Tashard’s prerogative,” Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking said. “That did not affect the outcome of our game. I’m worried about things that are going to affect the outcome of our game and helping us win. Tashard getting an autograph from a player after a game doesn’t affect us losing.”

Vick and Choice knew each other from their days in Atlanta — Vick played for the Falcons while Choice played for Georgia Tech.

Cowboys defensive end Stephen Bowen said Choice’s mistake may have been doing it “in the public eye like that.”

“But just getting an autograph for a little guy? I don’t see anything wrong with that,” Bowen said. “The game was over. It wasn’t in the middle of the game. It’s blown out of proportion. I don’t see it as a big deal. I don’t know why you would be upset. What is there to be upset about?”

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