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(KCBD)  This is the kind of holiday story you don’t want to hear, but parents should know that they should suspect if the nutmeg keeps disappearing from the spice shelf. Some health experts are calling nutmeg the gateway to drug addiction.

This 15 year old doesn’t want to be identified, but she describes how it started for her. “We had a sleepover, and we were trying to get marijuana.” “We went on Google, and looked up things to smoke that you can use like from your house…then nutmeg came up, and my friend was like, ‘I have nutmeg.”

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There are numerous videos on YouTube showing teens how to light up with nutmeg. What kids don’t know is that it can be dangerous when used that way.  Police say they’re answering calls finding kids with increased heart rate, blurred vision, and convulsions after ingesting large amounts of nutmeg. Even though there’s no law against abusing a legal substance, but drug counselors will tell you that getting high with nutmeg can be just as dangerous as with any narcotic.

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