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I’m real talk Kim in for Erica today. Usually at this time, Erica will share what’s on her heart through her. ErikaISM. Well, I got my own chemistry during the break. Me and Griff are sitting here talking about just family cycles and how he chose to break his family cycle and I’m reminded, Griff, I just wrote a brand-new book called, “You Gotta Get Up.” 


And in the 7th chapter of that book, it’s it. The title is stop Bleeding On People Who Didn’t Cut You. And it reminded me of our conversation. How we, Cheryl, we will go through life and we will literally bleed on people that didn’t cut us and that’s how the cycles happen. The enemy tells us, man, you ain’t no good. You ain’t. You ain’t gonna get out of this thing. Your past is the best you’ll ever be. But one thing I discovered, Griffin, it brought it up so big in my spirit when we were talking. 

The pain may not be your fault, but the healing is your responsibility. It is our responsibility and I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but I’m here to tell you. Man, it it, it ain’t over. You just getting started and thieves do not rob empty vaults. Listen to me, y’all gotta wake up today and you gotta realize. 


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Listen to me. Your greatest humiliation and frustration is gonna become the point of your greatest 11. Listen to this scripture this morning. It dropped in my Spirit Psalms 3418 and it says the Lord is close to the brokenhearted. He rescues those whose spirits are crushed. Friend today God wanted me to tell you. He woke you up and as long as you got a pulse he’s got a plan.   So here’s what I had my spirit dropped so heavy for you today. Grab a hold of it and expect it. Expect God to change your trajectory. Expect God to use you as the generational curse breaker. I don’t care if you’re 526272, are 22 and you feel like the black sheep in your family, today I prophesy over you that God is turning that situation around. And you, you are going from being the black sheep to the goat. You hear me? You coming back, baby, you coming back? Expect God to show out on your behalf. You thought because the curtain closed the production was over but the Lord said today Ihad to close the curtain in order to set up for the next scene. Baby, embrace it. Embrace your new season. Embrace. The God is gonna do more in the next 30 days. 30-4 days, 60 days. He’s gonna do more for you. In this moment, he said in Amos 9:13. 


It says it won’t be long now. God’s decree said things are about to happen so fast. Your head is about to spend blessing upon blessing. You won’t be able to keep up! 


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