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The Tea Party may not be as mischievous as previously thought. Conrad Green, an executive producer on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ said there is no way the voting system’s security can be cracked.

A comment on prompted the flurry of voter fraud allegations. A reader said that ABC asks for an e-mail address, but those addresses don’t have to be real because there is no validation process. Thus, one person could vote for Palin multiple times by using different fake addresses. Several commenters at said the process worked.

“It’s possible to register lots of e-mail addresses, but the IP address identifies which computer sent it,” Green told the New York Daily News. “If that does happen, we wipe out [those votes]. We have a number of security checks to identify people trying to multiple vote.”

Green wasn’t specific about what security measures ‘DWTS’ uses, but said votes via e-mail, text message and phone all go through a system.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Brandy Norwood’s dance partner, went on record saying the ‘DWTS’ voting system is broken. “I definitely think that the system is flawed,” he told E! Online. “I think there are a lot of problems with it. I have a lot of friends in the Philadelphia area who couldn’t call at all. People here, in front of me, picked up the phone, dialed one time and it said, ‘Thank you for voting. You are over your limit….'”

Green said phone traffic is just par for the course because ‘DWTS’ is such a popular show. However, Chmerkovskiy isn’t the only one who has a problem with this season’s finalists and voting. ABC has received e-mails filled with complaints and viewer disgust. And one man even shot his TV in rage because he was so angry about Palin’s participating on the show.

What do you think? Is ‘DWTS’ rigged or is Palin just that popular?

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