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The Importance of Thanking People in Your Life | Mr. Griffin

Mr. Griffin

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For today’s Mr. Griffin, GRIFF opens up about the importance of thanking people in your life…

Erica for the last seven years really have a team that was intentional and responsive. You know that’s that’s important. It’s always good to e-mail, but it’s the follow-up that’s important. So that’s why Mr. Griffin today, man, I just wanted to thank some close people in my life. 


So beautiful, and there’s nothing like more amazing than saying thank you and having gratitude when it comes to the people that work for you and what I love about having a team is they’re working even when you’re not. When you’re focused on something else and you know, different minds bringing their creative ideas and their expertise and professionalism just allows you to reach the world so you know you could do it by yourself. But it’s always better when you have an amazing group of people. 

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