Womack returns Marvin Sapp’s investment money


Grand Rapids, Michigan — Robert Womack, the WJNZ personality who’s trying to buy the foreclosed station, has returned $150,000 to Marvin Sapp, one of the investors with whom he’d been aligned.

Womack decided to return the money after Sapp wanted a controlling stake in the station, and wanted to move it from its current location on Eastern Avenue to the Lighthouse Full Life Center.

Last week, Womack put $315,000 to buy the station into escrow, complying with an order from Judge Christopher Yates in Womack’s court case with Holy Family Radio. That Lowell-based group was awarded the station after its $310,000 foreclosure bid was accepted by Huntington Bank.

But Womack contended the process was unfair and challenged it in court.

Returning the money to Sapp does not affect the money Womack put in escrow. He had other investors lined up who decided to put in additional money to cover the loss of Sapp’s proposed investment.

Womack and representatives from Holy Family Radio will be back in court on October 19.

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