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So listen, as a mom, I love birthdays and holidays and giving my kids gifts. And if you’re anything like me, you think about it in advance and you wrap it real pretty and can’t wait to give it to your kid, and you can’t wait for that excitement and some kids know that the gifts are coming, so they have a level of anticipation. But imagine for a moment if you were wrapping this gift, getting it ready for your kid and your kid walked in and said, I mean, you know, it’s whatever. I could take it or leave it. It’s cool. You’d feel some kind of way, right? 


You’d feel some kind of way if you prepared something for this child and you want them to be excited about it, and they’re just. Kind of whole hum, it don’t matter. I can take it. I can leave it. Guess what, y’all. That’s how we do the father. 

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God has so many great things for us and we don’t want to receive them because we’ve had our heartbroken because we have compared ourselves to other people because we don’t want to wait because life has been cruel and unkind and so somehow our hope and the father, the creator of the universe, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the master of all our soon coming king we give him nothing when it comes to our level of excitement for what he can do because somebody broke your heart. 


I dare not take that kind of spirit, that kind of energy to the father when I know that he has great things for me, I always want to have an attitude of gratitude. I always want to be in great expectation of what God can do. I always want to be optimistic and hope filled in faith field about what the father can do. Because no matter what I’ve experienced, no matter who’s broken my heart, God is always the mender. He’s always the fixer. He’s always the healer. He’s always the restorer. He’s always the Redeemer. And so then I don’t have to stay in a place of hopelessness. And I know this may be hard for some people to hear, especially if your heart is broken by a parent or your heart is broken by a spouse or you lost someone that you love. 

t is easy to lose hope. I get it. But when you understand who God is that no matter what you’ve lost, you always go back to, but God can. God will. And what is his word? Say not just what I think, not just what people think. Because listen. God’s blessings in my life have nothing to do with you. 


What y’all think of me, and while I appreciate the love I’ve received and appreciate the support that I get, God ain’t checking with people. See whether he gonna bless you or not, so don’t you dare let life steal your hope. Don’t you dare let life steal your joy. Because if somebody said something or somebody broke your heart, God can still do what God said he will do. He just needs a surrendered heart. He needs you. Yes, he needs your obedience. He needs your ear. Are you listening? Are you following? Are you standing on the promises of God, or are you standing on the pressure of people? Are you standing on the promise of God? Are you standing on the ridicule of people? Or maybe sometimes you’re just living in guilt from the choices that you made? You know, we say, God forgive me, but then we walk in shame the rest of our life.  


You better take that freedom that God said is if Jesus came to set the captive. That’s you to walk in your promise. Don’t miss out on all that God has for you. He has so many great things for you and I want you to get all your stuff. You better go get your blessings like the Mary said, Norman Hutchins says God got a blessing with your name on it. 


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