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Don’t Let Your Ego Stop You From Getting Help | Ericaism

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You know, I’m a pretty tough cookie and I, you know, I kind of like being able to say that that I can get through things and get over things. And I won’t say that I have an ego, but you know I have a lot of confidence in my ability to get through things and to deal with things and process things. 


I feel like at this stage in my life I am OK with admitting when I need help. Case in point, I went through the stellar weekend before that it was Essence Festival. Before that I was in Dallas. Before that, it was another event. Somewhere in between was choir night, somewhere in between between was Zaya going to to New York to perform in the McDonald’s Gospel Fest. Somewhere in between was my son’s performance at the Disney Hall Christo’s performances? So it has been a whirlwind of a time. 

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So Needless to say, when I got home from the Stellars, I had a little sniffle. Well, probably got it while I was there, just being so. I’m in my body, just being fatigued. So the first few days I just, you know, did my normal things take acting lacea, you know, taking oil of oregano and drinking orange juice and getting rest and trying to do all my natural things, doing the natural sinus spray with oil of oregano and Rosemary to open up my sinuses and doing all the things. 



But I realized I just. Had to go in and call my doctor and get an antibiotic. And I wanted to share that with you today because a lot of times we let our ego keep us in a place of solitude and isolation because we don’t want to say anything we feel like we can deal with it ourselves or we stay sick longer than we have to because we don’t feel like being bothered with the doctor or going to a doctor or going to a therapist or calling a friend or calling a pastor for prayer. So you deal with things longer than you have to. Don’t let your ego keep you in a low place when you don’t have to. 


Sometimes God does allow you to go through things by yourself, and that’s necessary in your life. But sometimes it is your ego that tells you, oh, I got it. I don’t need to call nobody. You know something’s aching. Something’s hurting and you endure it longer than you have to. You know, black people do will take a ginger ale and crackers and you know, like two Tylenols for five times a day, I go to the doctor. 


Don’t let your ego keep you in a place of pain. Go pray with someone. Don’t let your ego keep you in a place of pain, even if it’s an emotional pain. Maybe you’ve been dealing with something with your family and your relationship, and you’ve been trying to process it by yourself. Go go to therapy or call some friends. Call your praying friends and say, hey, I’m trying to figure this thing out. My heart is still broken. And I want to get over it and it ain’t as easy as I thought it would be. So ask for help. 


It’s OK. Hey, don’t let your ego keep you in a place of pain. That is my Erica ISM for the day. That’s the message that I give to myself. Erica, don’t be so tough and so strong that you don’t reach out to the people that care about you and love you and want to see you. Well, that will pray for you. That won’t judge you or throw it back in your face. Now, my sisters may throw it back in my face. At that time you were sick. You try to heal yourself, not help. Yeah, that’s. Just account they got thought. But it’s all love cause I do the same thing to them I digress. 


Don’t go through things unnecessarily. Alright, get the help that you need that is the archaism for the day, and I hope you hear the message in that, and maybe that means you need to call someone that you know is struggling, but they won’t say it and you could feel it. And you know something’s wrong. Give them a call and say you know, don’t be hard headed. Let me help you. 


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