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Everybody’s Alright | Ericaism

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I want to talk to those of you who make a mistake. You have an issue there’s an indiscretion. Something that you feel everybody is going to be talking about. 

You just telling yourself, I know everybody going to say everybody talking about me, everybody talking about me. Say you go to a church and you have, I don’t know, 500 people at your church. And when you say everybody, is that all 500 people? Absolutely not, maybe 1%, maybe 500, maybe 10 people. That’s not everybody. So you don’t have to lose your mind over everybody talking because everybody not talking. And if whatever you did, you stopped it and you’re not doing it anymore. Then just keep on living your life because that’s what when you stand before God, they not going to be there and God is not going to ask them their opinion. 



When I tell you I want you to really allow that to liberate you because some of y’all get so caught up in what people are going to say. It ain’t that many people. And guess what? Tomorrow, somebody else gonna do something. They gonna be talking about somebody else. So you don’t have to leave the church. Leave your job, change your number. You know, go on this big apology tour because half of the people you apologizing to be like now what now? Most times you are introducing more drama than explaining away some drama. 

I mean, if you repented in your heart and you repented before God and there’s somebody that you directly offended, go to that person, right? The Bible says if you offended your brother, leave the altar, go to your brother, and be restored in love.  


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