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SEPTA Ends Sales of Tokens in move to Update Fare Payments, in Philadelphia, PA

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Whether you call it a ‘Ski Mask’ or ‘Shiesty Mask’, it is now among the list of items that must be removed upon entering a SEPTA vehicle.

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This announcement came last week after a teen was fatally shot on a SEPTA bus in Germantown Ave. The suspect, who remains at large, has been unidentified as he committed the crime wearing a hoodie and a ski mask.

Since then, the SEPTA Chief of Police went on to give the public a fair warning to those thinking of continuing to travel with SEPTA wearing ski masks.

“Those face masks are prohibited on SEPTA property,” SEPTA Transit Police Chief Charles Lawson said in a press conference. “If you come on SEPTA property wearing your shiesty, you will be engaged by police. So I want you to think about it.”

Daily Life in Philadelphia During COVID-19

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Lawson told FOX that passengers who enter any SEPTA vehicle will be asked to either remove the head covering or they will be escorted off the property. Lawson plainly put why these masks are problematic.

“Masks are an issue. I’m going to be completely honest with you,” he continued. “These full-head coverings are a major issue because we are seeing it routinely being worn in 80-degree weather in Philadelphia. There is no legitimate reason, pandemic withstanding, to wear a full head covering in public for anything.”

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