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Artificial intelligence or AI has been growing expeditiously in the last 4-5 years and ChatGPT is one of the latest software’s that has taken the limelight. ChatGPT is known for its greatness. It can write music, create reports on any and every subject, write code, explain things, lay out a business plan, and even write a religious sermon.

Pastors and Rabbis are shocked by how this artificial intelligence can create something that we claim to be truly human and unique. In the past, religious sermons have always been written by one who felt a “calling”. Pastors, Rabbis, and other religious figures have used their religious text, life experiences, general knowledge, and God to craft their sermons. However, seeing a computer spit out similar works in seconds, left many not knowing how to feel.

In December 2022, Rabbi Joshua Franklin delivered a sermon to a crowd using ChatGPT. He received the same applause and reaction as if he created the sermon himself. “You’re clapping, but I’m terrified”, he said to the crowd after stating his source.

ChatGPT is currently being studied by many in various different ways. Using it to draft a religious sermon might be against some morals, but hey, at least you know the tool is there to help.

So what do you think about using artificial intelligence to create something that many feel, requires a human touch?


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