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In the midst of National officials pushing to make abortion illegal across the country, Women of Philadelphia may now have help on the way. The Philadelphia Department of Public Health is raising money for a program to give expecting mothers in certain areas of Philadelphia, $1,000 a month during their pregnancy period. This program is called the “Philly Job Bank”

With significant contributions to the Job Philly Bank from William Penn Foundation, and Spring Point Partners, the Philadelphia’s Department of Public Health believes that these contributions would be able to provide a guaranteed thousand dollar monthly income for about 250 pregnant women.

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These Philadelphian women are being subsidized in certain areas to reduce racial disparity among birth outcomes.

According to Philadelphia’s Department of Public Health, research shows that of the top ten most populated US cities, Philadelphia has the highest rate of infant mortality in the first year of life; with Black infants four times more likely to die before their first birthday than White infants.

Payments from the Philly Job Bank are no-strings attached,, however they are income-based. To be eligible for funding, the applicant must be pregnant, making less than $100,000 annually, and living in one of three Philadelphia neighborhoods: Cobbs Creek, Strawberry Mansion, or Nicetown-Tioga.

Cheryl Bettigole, Philadelphia’s Health Commissioner, believes that this program is pivotal to break cycles of racial disparity among births and there are similar programs that can be replicated in this area.

“Infant mortality in Philadelphia is a solvable crisis, we know that being able to better support pregnant people and new parents helps keep babies alive. As the poorest big city in the country, this is not always easy, especially in areas of the city that are being crushed by generational poverty and systemic racism.” Bettigole said. “The Philly Joy Bank draws on the successes of other no-strings-attached guaranteed income projects to help break those cycles.”

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City officials hope to launch this program by 2024.



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