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The NBC music reality Television show America’s Got Talent has spotlighted unique individuals with amazing skills and tonight (June 14th) a group of men will hit the stage unlike any other. Men who played a sport at the highest level, known for their singing ability but their brute strength, speed, and agility will grace the AGT stage… to sing?

That’s right, the NFL Players Choir will perform live on AGT to show their amazing singing talents. A group of all-pros and Super Bowl Champions include:

  • Tully Banta-Cain
  • Willie Yarbary
  • Bryan Scott
  • Bryant McKinnie
  • Isaiah McKenzie
  • Stephen Pierce
  • Leonard Weaver
  • Jamon Brown
  • Cameron Lamark Newton
  • Prince Amukamara
  • Jamon Brown

The Players Choir stops by the Get Up Church to talk about their amazing opportunity to sing on AGT, singing at the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration, and more.


Listen below:

Read Our Interview Below:

TJ: It’s Get Up Mornings With Erica Campell Erica Campbell and if you have ever watched the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration you have seen the NFL players Choir sing, and tonight at 8 pm Eastern 7 Central on America’s Got Talent you can see the players choir in competition. Joining us today are three of the choir members, Bryan Scott, he’s played with the Falcons, Saints, and the Bills. Jamon Brown, he’s played with the Rams, Falcons and Eagles, and Bryan McKinney, Jr. He’s played with the Vikings, Ravens, and Dolphins.


TJ: Griff might not be able to control this stuff this morning. Good morning, guys!

NFL Players Choir: Good Morning. Happy Tuesday.

GRIFF: Absolutely. Let’s jump right in man, B. Scott, you were also crowned Buffalo Bills Man of the Year. The Players Choir has been around for like 14 years man and we always look forward to seeing you guys seen the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration. What’s it like being part of this and what inspired you to join, homie?

Bryant Scott: Man it’s all it’s always just a blessing to be part of the Players Choir man. You know what inspired me what got me going is was raised in the church and being in the youth choir always just being around music. It enables, it gives us a whole new locker room feel man and enables guys to come together and, and be really transparent with one another because there are things that we go through that we might not be able to share with the world, but it creates that safe locker room space, that we can come together in the common theme as though we love the Lord and we love music. And you know, no one’s perfect, but we really try to walk the right way and we use each other for strength.

GRIFF: Yeah, you better preach sir. JB in 2017 he was the NFC Conference Champ, man. How long have you been in the player’s choir? And did you have to audition to get in like everybody else?

Jamon Brown: Man, listen, I’m fairly new to the choir. You know, I’ve been here probably the last month or so


JB: (Laughs) I’m new to the team, but I was just excited that they reached out to me and gave me the opportunity to come aboard of a group of guys like this.

TJ: Yes! Now Bryant McKinnie Jr. You are a Pro-Bowler and a Super Bowl 47 Champion.


TJ: What was the process like to audition for America’s Got Talent?

Bryant McKinnie: joined back in late 2005. And I’ve been in and out, back and forth and luckily Melanie keeps reaching back out to me to be a part of it. So it’s been a process myself. Melanie, my mother is the one who actually introduced me to Melanie and got to be a part of it. And I’ve been glad to be a part of ever since.

GRIFF: I know that’s right TJ and then notice TJ these ain’t little fellas like these are the kickers or the punters that singing these giant men you know getting that whole singing on.

TJ: Well, you know, and the sisters always love to see the man who loves Jesus and singing gospel music. So it is a pleasant sight to see when the brothers are praising the Lord now, B. Scott, what’s your favorite gospel song to say and why?

BS: You know what, “Let Go and Let God” by Dwayne Wood. And I have this thing, right? And I always say people, the guys who hear me say, look, it’s either going to work out or it’s going to work out. And that’s the reason why because if you just let it go and put it in God’s hands, it can’t not work out. And we perform that song at church and I’ll tell you Man, JB he’ll lead this song too. He will bring me tears like the spirit.

TJ: Real quick. Is this like a thing, thing? You know, you’re on America’s Got Talent. You are in the NFL. Now you’re singing Are you Are y’all like professional singers from here on out? Or what are we really doing here?

JB: They found me at a karaoke bar (Laughs)

TJ: We are talking to Bryan Scott, Jamon Brown and Bryant McKinney. They are members of the NFL Players Choir and you can see them singing tonight love and Jesus not America’s Got Talent 8pm Eastern 7 Central on NBC. Thank you and we wish you well on America’s Got Talent.




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