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It’s Money Monday and we get your week of financial freedom ready with Finance expert Clyde Anderson. Anderson, an entrepreneur, author podcaster, and a former CNN analyst gives the Get Up! Church tips on how to work on your financial health. listen for these five tips and get in shape!

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TJ: It’s Get Up Mornings with Erica Campbell and now it’s time for Money Monday and in honor of Juneteenth day, which is coming up this Sunday, here with us today with steps to becoming financially free is financial expert, Clyde Anderson. He’s an entrepreneur, author podcaster, and a former CNN analyst. Good morning, Clyde Anderson, and welcome back to Get Up Mornings.

Clyde Anderson: Good morning, Get Up family, how y’all doing this morning?

GRIFF: Clyde was cracking man, welcome back to Get Up Mornings, and let’s just jump right in homie. You got three steps to becoming financially free. Step number one is “determine if you have a gap or surplus” tell us what that means, dog.

CA: Now, you really have to look at everything. You gotta look at all your assets, all your income, and all your expenses. When you look at your income and your expenses, there’s going to be a gap or surplus the issue is most people don’t look at this. Most people know that they don’t have enough, but they’re scared and feel like they just kind of make it through or muddle through to make it instead of knowing that number. If you have a negative number, that means you’ve got to fill in the gap, you have a positive number, you have a surplus. And you’ve got to deal with that as well. So it’s not good to have a surplus or negative or gap. So you want to know what to do with it the next day.

TJ: Determine if you have a gap or surplus. Step number two, is “know where your money is going“. Name your dollars.” Let’s talk about that.

CA: So once we know we have a gap or surplus, you’ve got to name them. So too often people think they have extra money extra is not money, it’s not a thing. You got to name it. You got to tell them where to go. Because if you don’t tell your dollars where to go, they’re going to tell you where to go. So when you know that maybe I do have $200, $400 that I’m just sort of spending, it’s gonna go out the window, and you’re not going to be able to know where it goes. Just like if you break $20 And it’s gone. You gotta be able to say no, you go to groceries, you go to going out movies, you go to vacation, you got to name them because if you don’t control your dollars, they will control you.

GRIFF: How bout that. You have given us this is good this morning. Okay, step number three is “create a financial success plan.” And tell us how we could do that because that sounds easy. But yeah, it sounds easy.

CA: Well, you think about it like that, you know, nobody wants a budget. Nobody wants a budget. That’s just like a diet. Nobody wants a diet. So you got to change it. You got it sometimes flip these things, we want financial success. So how do I get financial success when I get my dollars under control. But also I know that I have something I can go to every day to set my goals and look at my goals and remind me what they are. If we don’t have goals, that we don’t have anything to shoot for. And so we’re just sort of wandering aimlessly. But staying on this financial success plan, you should be able to list your goals, list your spending lists, what you’re doing lists that gap or surplus name those dollars, put all those pieces together to be able to have a blueprint or a roadmap that’s going to help you stay on track because athletes keep stats every year. We can we don’t keep stats. So how do we know if we’re all foreclosed when away from our goal? Or we’re right by it? We don’t know. Because we don’t know how we did last year.

TJ: So for the person who says Well, I don’t have a lot of money, so our plan doesn’t make sense for me. What would you say?

CA: Well, I will say the reason you don’t have a lot of money is that you don’t have a financial success plan. Because anywhere you are at this moment you need to know so in the mall, if I go to the mall, it’s going to be a sign that says you are here, it’s going to show me where I am trying to get to my destination. If I don’t know where I am right now, I’m not going to be able to get to where I want to go. So you’ve got to list it out say where you want to go tell those dollars what to do. And make sure you know how to control that gap or surplus.

TJ: We’re talking to financial expert Clyde Anderson. How can people get your books and follow you on social media Clyde?

CA: Well, you can visit me on my website that’s Go, there sign up for information, all the classes workshops, and the books that we have because again, our goal is to help you identify a change and get it.

TJ: And what message would you like to leave with us today?

CA: Well, the message I would like to leave today it’s especially since we’re talking about freedom and honoring Juneteenth. I will say if you can change your mind, you can change your life. So again take today, this first step the journey of 1000 miles begins with one step so I want you guys to be able to take it and remember you know Erica just said you cannot cheat your way to greatness. So you got to make sure do the work and the results will come.

TJ: And one more time, how can we follow you on social media?

CA: You can visit me on my website at

TJ: Clyde Anderson we thank you for another edition of Money Monday.

GRIFF: My Dude



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