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Erica is out on vacation and filling in today was Gospel great, Bishop Marvin Sapp. Bishop Sapp gave TJ and GRIFF a chance to ask him some questions in “Ask The Bishop.” Check out the questions and great answers from the Bishop himself, below:

Read the transcripts below:


Bishop Marvin Sapp: I’m kind of nervous about this, but it’s time for “Ask The Bishop.” So GRIFF, TJ, what I want to ask the bishop today?

TJ: Okay, GRIFF. I’m gonna say you go first.

GRIFF: I will ask. What’s it like being a Kappa?

BMS: Oh man, one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made in my life. You know, when I grew up as a little boy, I was an actual kappa leaguer. And that mentorship program, it just taught me some great things about being a man. They took me on my first trip to a black school, HBCU and it just really just helped me and formed me into being the man that I am today. I want to give shout-outs to the brothers of Ka psi and the Kappa league organization I got the right program. It’s an amazing program.

TJ: A part B to that: Do you ever get people that say, Well, you shouldn’t be in a fraternity because some people are totally against it. What do you say to those people?

BMS: Well, I think you know, honestly, I have gotten those questions. You know, people come to me on social media and stuff like that. I honestly don’t pay them any attention. Because I understand you know what the frat means to me. It’s not my God. It’s not my God. I’m very, very committed in my relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And I didn’t have to denounce him to be a part of this organization. Right. But I mean, you know, people have their opinions, so I just tell them to go with God.

TJ: Yeah, like I like it. I’m a Delta. So I like it. Okay, real quickly, I was having a conversation with someone I’m thinking maybe you can help me. So we all know that there are 10 commandments. And then there’s the greatest commandment, right? Is the greatest commandment one of the 10 commandments? And if not, why is it not one of the commandments?

BMS: Well, it’s not one of the 10 commandments. And to be perfectly honest with you, it’s more than 10 commandments in the Bible. But in the book of Mark, chapter 12, verses 28 through 31, the teachers of the law were actually trying to come at Jesus to confound him and to confuse them. So they asked him a question, which is the greatest commandment and he said The most important one, he says, Here, yo Israel, the LORD your God, to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind with all your soul. And then he goes forth and says, and with all your strength, but then he said, the second is like the first he says, You’re supposed to love your neighbor as yourself. Yeah. And there is no greater commandment. So I think, you know, what Jesus was doing was is he was encapsulating as we discussed before all of these commandments, and he was saying, you know, y’all don’t have enough ability and strength to do but to follow the 10, we’re not gonna give you the rest of them. But if you do this one, this is the greatest love your neighbor as yourself because he knew he was gonna live in a season fillet. And that’s where we are even as we speak, we’re dealing with people that are haters that always have things to say that is negative. And God is letting us all know without question that if we can love people like we love ourselves and do all the self-care and things that we do, you know, we’ll be a better society so you know, that’s the goal and that’s why Jesus said what he said.

GRIFF: How about that I’m as you one real quick, I know you Grand Rapids forever but Grand Rapids or the DFW?

BMS: I got I gotta give it up to G.R. man. I was born and raised there. You know that that’s the place that actually you know cultivated who I am as an individual. But let me tell you, DFW is like running real close and I’ve been in long enough. I love your DFW, I love it. I’ll be honest.




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