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Kym Worthy is the Wayne County, Mi., prosecutor that castrated Kwame Kilpatrick and made him pay heavily for his text messaging scandal that the city is also still paying for. Worthy didn’t get enough attention from the Kilpatrick case though. She’s now going after Detroit’s parents and if she’s successful, you too. She’s now proposing that if you repeatedly skip parent teacher conferences, then you go to jail. Worthy was interviewed on Good Morning America and she appears to be sick and tired of the parents who don’t give a damn about their children’s education enough to come and visit with their kid’s teacher a few times per year to check up on their child’s progress. She makes the case that it’s a full “comprehensive” package and this is but one aspect of it. She also explained that Michigan can already send parents to jail if the child has not shown up in school for 30 days or more. The parents of Detroit have mixed feelings about Worthy’s legislation, but if they’re not involved with the children, imagine how uninvolved these same parents are with Michigan legislation. Check out the report and let us know what you think about her proposal.

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