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The U.S. Education System could be a lot better.  The low graduation rates across the country are alarming. More African-American families are trying homeschooling as a way to take control of their kids future.  Even with programs like Get Schooled and encouraging incentives for teenagers to get out of high school, the numbers are moving up slowly.  According to a recent article on Mocha Manual, the statistics for homeschooling are on the rise.

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If you’ve thought about homeschooling your child, here are 4 tips you should make sure you do:

  1. Join a network or community of homeschoolers to get some insight on how homeschooling really is and to stay abreast of current curriculums and tips. Check out African American Un-schooling ( or National Black Home Educators Resource Association (  which work to promote homeschooling.  Or check out the Black Home schoolers Club.
  2. Pick a curriculum that suits your child’s learning style.
  3. Be creative, incorporate museums, zoos and social activities into curriculum.
  4. Make time for extracurricular activities.

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