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Sarah Jakes Roberts has more than a story to tell.

The daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes was a teen mother at 14 and for years she’s not only become an advocate for evolution as women, but becoming rooted greater within your own self-worth. With her new book Woman Evolve out now, the minister and author chats with AV from the Houston BMW Studios to detail the book, growing up a preacher’s kid, believing in therapy and more!

“First, we have to acknowledge the source of it,” Sarah says of battling anxiety and how she included the topic in her book. “Our thoughts have a source and ultimately we have to determine, are my fears producing this thought or is my faith producing this thought? Cause if my fears are producing this thought, then I have a better chance of defending myself against myself. I talk about in Woman Evolve how Eve, her mind was used against her by the serpent. He asked her a question and from there, she was deceived and changed her diet. So what’s deceiving our thoughts? Let’s do the work to deconstruct that.”

She added, “Don’t be afraid of getting additional help and resources. My friend Dr. Anita Phillips says prayer is a weapon but therapy is a strategy and we have to be willing to use use the strategy of therapy to get the breakthrough we need spiritually as well as emotionally.”

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